C++ and The Compiler!

From age 11, I had planned to rock the universe with my extraordinary AIs and cool games made from scratch. On the way to learning Python, Java, JavaScript, even a bit of Rust, I forgot C++. I can write a very nice emotional story or maybe a song on what I felt when I first […]

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My Coding Wishlist

A List Just remembered the simple old days finding old books and stuff… And a list. After some flashbacks, I decided to write down what I wrote Here it is! I wrote this when I was 12: Make a game Done! Here is my game site. Make an AI Done! Again, on my game site! […]

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HOW Does Google Work So Fast?

I search on google often very frequently. And I love the speed! But have you ever wondered how fast this speed is? Let’s see: I searched for ‘wxyx’ (no I am not insane) and got 140 thousand results in just 0.81 seconds. That means 0.00008818342 seconds per result! Light travels 26 km in that much time, […]

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Linux Mint

My laptop is really slow. I mean it! And for a developer and gamer like me, it was a shame to do nothing about it. But one good thing about the laptop is that it has 11GB free space. I decided to install something for speeding this thing up. A whole new OS: Linux Mint. […]

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God of Net

God came to Earth a long time ago, he was worshipped and monuments were made. So he made gold. God came again much years ago, and people tried to impress god. So he made diamonds. Some centuries ago, he revisited Earth where he saw people insulting his creation. So he increased pollution. He visited again […]

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